2020 - 2021 | School Supplies

JB Nelson School Supply Kits

Batavia School District has provided a list of school supplies needed for your student(s) for the 2020-2021 school year. The JB Nelson PTO offers an opportunity to purchase school supply kits online only. Kits will be shipped directly to your residence.

‘Extra’ kits will NOT be available for purchase in August. Therefore, this is your only opportunity to order them, so please plan accordingly. No Late Orders can be accepted.

The items listed for each grade level are used by all students at that grade level. Some teachers may request students in their individual classrooms to provide additional items at the start of school. Please note specific labeling instructions at each grade level.

Enter our JB Nelson account number, 1314, when ordering online. Deadline to place your order is June 5th.

Class Price
Kindergarten Kit $58.00
First Grade (A-M) $79.00
First Grade (N-Z) $79.00
Second Grade (A-M) $80.00
Second Grade (N-Z) $80.00
Third Grade $77.00
Fourth Grade $78.00
Fifth Grade $78.00

As well as the list of supplies, students should have the following:

  • □ Backpack or book bag without wheels
  • □ Extra set of clothes (to stay in their locker)
  • □ Gym shoes (to stay in locker mark with name)
  • □ Paint shirt (mark name on the inside collar)
  • □ Headphones or earbuds (please label with name)
  • □ 9x12 spiral bound sketchbook


Questions about school supply orders? Please contact Anita Stevenson (630) 621-8793.

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